Working out regularly, eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle are all essential to get in shape and stay in shape. But there are other helpful tips that will have you looking good and feeling great!

  • Make sure you have little food in your stomach when you exercise. A near-empty stomach allows you to burn more fat.

  • Before you workout, perform a light cardiovascular exercise that gets the blood flowing and loosens your muscles. You’ll also reduce the chance for muscle pulls and strains.

  • Weight training builds muscle, while cardiovascular exercise burns fat. You’ll need to do both kinds of exercises in order to get the great abs we all want.

  • Minimize rest time between sets, as this will keep your metabolism at a high level, allowing you to burn fat at an even faster rate.

  • Remember this motto: “Abs are made in the kitchen, and kept in the gym.”

  • Don’t overwork your abs. Overdoing your abdominal exercises can actually make your abs weaker instead of stronger.

  • Make your workout activity more enjoyable by listening to music or including family or friends.

  • Be careful when watching TV while you exercise, as you can be distracted to the point where you’ll stop exercising and not even realize it.

  • Working on your abs also means exercising your legs, thighs and back, as they all are connected and play an important part in strength, balance and appearance.

  • Always stay focused, positive and motivated! Keep track of your progress, and reward yourself properly when you’ve reached all the goals and milestones you set out for yourself!
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