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Here are two simple guidelines that may help put a proper eating procedure in order. After a while, eating right will seem like the most natural thing in the world.

One: Eat Protein At Every Meal.

I can't make it any simpler than this. As a bodybuilder, you MUST make protein your main priority. That doesn't mean you need to eat skinless chicken breasts three times a day. It just means that a bowl of pasta isn't a meal. Eating crap just because you're hungry is worse than not eating at all.

And two...

Follow The Old Rule of Protein Grams.

Way back when, someone wrote that a good guideline of protein consumption was one gram per pound of bodyweight. At first it was accepted, then repeated, and before long, everyone assumed it was an indisputable fact. Then came the scientists. They discussed it. Disagreed with it. And eventually discredited it -- for no other reason other than they weren't satisfied with the "non-scientific" reasoning. Well, as it turns out, the one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight isn't a bad rule after all. Of course, it's an estimate. But if you shoot for it, and get close, you'll be in the right range.

One gram per pound may seem simple enough but to those who've been following a "normal" diet will attest, that's a LOT of protein. But by making this a priority it automatically keeps the fat and carbs in check.

Some skeptics argue that 200 grams of protein for a 200 pound bodybuilder isn't enough and that if you want maximum gains you must eat massive amounts of protein. That's just dumb. The body can only utilize so much protein at a time -- which led some of the old timers to believe more than 25 grams each meal was excessive and that the excess will be turned to waste. Again, this is just conjecture, but it's in the ballpark. You need to "shower" your muscles with protein, but once a cup is full, it's full. Pouring more into it will do no good.

For those who need a detailed plan, here's an example of a "bodybuilders" diet. Portions are determined by one's goals.

Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, Sausage or Ham, High Fiber Cereal, Coffee

Afternoon snack:MRP or homemade protein shake

Lunch:Turkey or Roast Beef Sandwich

Afternoon Snack:Nuts or hard boiled egg or a piece of cheese or some fruit

Dinner:Fish or Beef with large saladLate night snack:Protein bar with glass of milk

This diet isn't mystical or magical. It doesn't have a trendy name or macho title. It's just eating. It's only one example of a sensible diet for anyone looking to make the most of their bodybuilding goals. There are millions of variations. This is meant as nothing more than a starting point toward getting on track toward proper eating. Of course, I could say stuff like, substitute meal one with nothing but meat and on the following day, every other week, eat brussel sprouts every third hour and blah, blah, blah blah blah. I hate that shit. A popular question among many novice bodybuilders concerns gaining bulk. They want more size and they want it yesterday. I can't tell you how many people have told me they can't gain weight no matter what they do. They've tried every diet and every supplement and nothing works. Well, I have the answer. It's foolproof and guaranteed. Everyone who has followed this advice has gotten bigger. But you must follow the instructions implicitly! No variations or deviations of any kind!

Do this, and you will definitely grow. Eat more.

Right about now, you may be saying; "what are you, some kind of wise ass?"

Well, yeah, I am, but one thing has nothing to do with the other.

No matter what anyone tells you, you must increase calories in order to get bigger. You CAN NOT gain size without doing so.


Now for those of you who need further edification, this is not a justification to eat gobs of junk food. The simple key is to follow the guidelines of a healthy diet and simply crank up the quantity.

I apologize for the lack of convolution. Maybe you wanted a detailed diet plan that has you eating strange foods at weird intervals along with the latest poly-nucleac razzmatazz super supplement which will insure MUSCLE GROWTH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!!!

Just pretend. The end result will be the same. So how long will it take to get bigger? As long as it will take not to get bigger. Don't worry so much about "when" as "how." Do what it takes and stop waiting for easy answers.