For the special second set, use the partial movement technique as follows:
Immediately after finishing the first set, step out into a lunge as before, but instead of returning to the full upright position, simply work your front leg up and down, repeatedly, not quite straightening the front leg. Do ten to twenty of these “partials” before switching to the other leg. Try and make each leg really burn.

Perhaps an even better second set is the horse stance. This is an exercise used by martial arts teachers which works great as a second set. The horse stance is simply a martial arts position in which you stand with feet several feet apart, and legs bent so you are almost in a sitting position. Your back and head remain upright, not bent over. It’ s almost like you are sitting in a chair, only there is no chair, or like you’ re riding a horse without the horse. For your second set, go immediately into the horse stance for a count of sixty seconds. It’ s not truly a slow motion exercise, because you basically hold the sitting position, although you may raise and lower yourself a few inches repeatedly throughout the time period. Don’ t be surprised if you can’ t endure the entire sixty seconds at first! You will feel a tremendous burn in your legs. Performed right after an intense first set, this is a great mass building leg workout.

Another good first set exercise is straight up jumping. You need a place where the ceiling is high enough and the floor is solid, but again, this activity really builds power. After warming up, squat down as far as comfortable, then jump straight up into the air as high as you can. Your whole body goes into the air. As you land, go back into the squatting position in one continuous motion and immediately jump again. Sound simple? Do ten and see how you feel! This exercise can also be done holding a weight as you become more powerful. Follow it by the horse stance for sixty second and you’ ll be building some legs of steel.

A final upper leg movement is one I call the side lunge. In a way it is similar to the lunge described above, but instead of stepping out toward the front, you step out with one leg about three feet to the side, and bend that leg to lower your butt toward the floor. The other leg is still straight, with the heel of that foot remaining appoximateley it its original position. Keep your torso straight. In effect, you are squatting down with all of your weight on one leg; the other leg sticking straight out is just for balance, although it gets a nice stretch at the same time. Raise yourself back up and squat down on the other side. Repeat eight to twelve times on each leg, moving rapidly from one side to the other. Once you are strong and limber enough, you can perform this movement holding a weight.

Experiment and familiarize yourself with these leg exercises. You will be rewarded with a flexible routine you can do practically anywhere to build and maintain powerful, explosive legs!

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