Phenyltropic PPA is a new and improved drug based diet product unsurpassed in its ability to help athletes burn body fat, and is currently legal for sale in the United States. In fact while working with my clients, I have found that the combination of a ketogenic diet and Phenyltropic PPA is the best way for you to lose body fat while protecting muscle mass. Phenyltropic PPA is the Mass Quantities version of the EAC stack-a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. Though chemically similar, Mass Quantities has replaced the ephedrine component of the stack with DL norephedrine HCl because of its greater potential to raise the body's metabolic rate-resulting in greater lypolysis or fat loss. Studies have in fact shown norephedrine to be the most potent and the most thermogenic of all the ephedrine alkaloids, making this switch a very beneficial one. Since norephedrine does not cross the blood-brain barrier to the same extent as ephedrine we do not see the same level of central nervous system stimulation or side effects as with ephedrine. No more jitters! It also does not (currently) carry the same FDA restrictions as ephedrine, and is therefore more readily available to the public.

The combination of norephedrine with caffeine works synergistically to drastically increase the body's production of adrenaline and noradrenaline-the primary adrenergic hormones. These hormones bind to the various adrenergic receptors, of which there are the beta sub 2, beta sub 3, and alpha sub 2 receptors, that together affect fat loss and fat dispersal. The stimulation of the beta sub 2 and the beta sub 3 receptors in particular is what's responsible for the mobilization and burning of adipose tissue (fat). These are the receptors that you want to stimulate to affect fat loss in a positive way and thankfully the caffeine/norephedrine combination is quite efficient at this.

The other receptor of great interest to the bodybuilder is the alpha sub 2. Studies have shown that this receptor blocks the mobilization of adipose tissue. In men these receptors are concentrated primarily in the lower abdomen and sides or love handles; in women, they are concentrated in the lower body. This explains why on many diets weight is lost, but the physique is not drastically improved because the lost fat is intermuscular, with the subcutaneous fat-the fat just under the skin-not being effected. Here is where the addition of Yohimbine proves useful. Yohimbine blocks the alpha sub 2 receptor, enabling a greater level of fat loss in the body's most resilient areas.

A controversial secret for getting into fat burning ketosis faster with Humulin R-8 hours instead of 3 days-and how you can get it!

There is a hardcore trick the pro's use that forces your body into ketosis within only 8 to 12 hours allowing more time for the body to burn fatty acid stores before your carb-up stage. The trick, originally brought to my attention by Dan Duchaine, is the use of Humulin R injectible insulin. Humulin R insulin is important compared to other types of insulin because it reaches its peak effect in 2 hours, causing a quick metabolic shift into ketosis. Using small amounts of insulin will cause your blood glucose to drop, in a quick and controlled manner. Glucose levels hit about 50 mg/ml and force your body into ketosis at a much faster rate. Insulin is one of the most controversial drugs used in bodybuilding today. The reality is that if you slip up and use too much insulin, you could enter a hypoglycemic coma, which could cause irreversible damage to your body and in some cases prove fatal. Please note that that the following information is highly controversial and provided solely for informational purposes.

Despite the controversy surrounding its use insulin is one of the easiest substances in bodybuilding to obtain legally. It is available over the counter in most U.S. states and costs between $20-$30 in local pharmacies and is even cheaper through U.S. mail order pharmacies. In most U.S. states a prescription is required to purchase and possess the insulin syringes used to administer the drug. This problem can be avoided by ordering syringes from mail order sources. A person using insulin for bodybuilding purposes should face no real legal ramifications. The only problems that can arise is getting caught possessing syringes with out a script or actually selling insulin for any purpose other than the treatment of diabetes.

A glucometer, to display your blood glucose levels, is highly recommended while attempting to use insulin safely. A glucometer costs around $100. It is possible to use insulin without a glucometer if your are cautious but it is not recommended. You will also need to purchase insulin syringes that hold up to 100 units. Do not use regular syringes. You will need to measure out precise amounts of insulin, between 2-3 units, which cannot be measured accurately using a regular syringe.

Here's how it works: After you eat your last carb meal on Sunday night, you will need to take a reading on the glucometer to check your blood glucose level. The body's normal blood glucose level is usually between 80mg/ml and 120 mg/ml. At this point, draw 2-3 units of insulin into a syringe and inject it subcutaneously into a fold of skin. After waiting between two or three hours, take another reading with the glucometer. You blood glucose level will have dropped since your last measurement. Again inject 2 units of insulin and measure your blood glucose level around 2 hours after your injection. Repeat this cycle until your blood glucose level is between 55 mg/ml and 65 mg/ml. When your blood glucose is at this level, you will descend into ketosis while you sleep. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO STAY AWAKE FOR AT LEAST 2 HOURS AFTER AN INSULIN INJECTION. The last thing you want is to fall asleep after an injection and have your blood glucose drop to a dangerously low level while you sleep. You could fall into a hypoglycemic coma and no one will recognize the symptoms until it is too late.

Upon waking in the morning, measure your urine with the Ketostix. Measuring ketones in the morning is necessary because the sticks show only the unused level of ketones in your body and should show trace to moderate ketone levels. If you measure them in the afternoon the numbers will not be as accurate, because most of the ketones that were produced will have been used by your body as fuel.

If you do not have access to a glucometer, you will need to be much more cautious when attempting to use insulin. Since you will not be able to accurately measure your blood glucose, only small amounts of insulin should be used. You can start out with 2 units of insulin after your carb meal on Sunday. After that you should not use anymore than 1-1 1/2 units of insulin every two hours. A total of two or three injections should be made and then you should measure with the ketostix upon waking in the morning. If you still have not entered ketosis, use insulin injections of 1-1 1/2 units every two hours until you enter ketosis. This way takes longer, but you should enter ketosis within 18-20 hours.

In the not too distant future, Insulin intake will become even easier. Thanks to a new insulin inhaler, by Generex, insulin injections may become relics of the past. The inhaler sprays insulin out into the mouth like a mist, which coats the membranes of the mouth, throat and tongue. The insulin then passes quickly through the membranes into the bloodstream. The new insulin inhaler is in phase two clinical trials. If all goes well, the Food and Drug Administration could put it on a fast track for approval, making it available on the market in less than two years.