Week One: Follow the ketogenic diet alone, or on Sunday night of the diet inject 1 to 2 Units Humulin R Insulin, until blood sugar levels have dropped. No more than 3-4 small injections (1-2 units) should be necessary to enter ketosis, as outlined above. Week Two: Begin using Phenyltropic PPA on Monday at one tab/day and work up to three tabs/day.* Week Three: Continue as outlined above making Sunday the Humulin R insulin day with no Phenyltropic PPA.

*NOTE: As with any other type of supplement containing caffeine and norephedrine, Phenyltropic PPA should be titrated onto slowly and titrated off the same way. As with all stimulants, one tends to become accustomed to them over time. Soon you need to take more to get the same effect. The individual taking Phenyltropic PPA is really the only one who can answer if the dose is too high. Most athletes work up to three tabs/day. You've also got to watch out for other sources of caffeine when using a product such as Phenyltropic PPA. Within three weeks after the full dosage has been reached, the body will adjust and the caffeine will lose its effect. However, if you add a baby aspirin with each dose, the potentiating effect of the aspirin will prolong the effectiveness of the "stack" for quite a while longer. Remember there is additional stress on the adrenal glands and at least one day per week the stack should be discontinued. A total break for at least two to three weeks after 4-6 weeks of usage is also a good idea.