Fast running, in my opinion, is a great fat burner. You don’ t have to jog five miles, or even one mile. Just jog a short distance to warm up, then pick up your pace to a fast run (whatever is fast for you is fine) for a short distance. Thirty yards will do to start. Slow down and walk for awhile afterward, then try it again. Consult with your doctor before doing any fast running and don’ t push yourself too hard, but if you can work up to three or four sprints several times a week, in addition to your regular muscle building workout, I promise you will burn more fat than an equivalent amount of time lifting weights. And your muscles will continue to grow, because you are still exhausting them with three short workouts per week and not overtraining. Your legs should be able to handle the additional work. I don’ t know why, but fast running seems to have a slimming effect on the whole body.


We’ ve already talked about rest in terms of how much rest you need between workouts and so forth, but now I’ m talking about sleep. An adequate amount of sleep is essential if you want to build muscles. If you are still in your teens or if you are slim and trying to gain weight, eight hours of sleep per night is the minimum. Get more if you can. Nap during the day if possible, or at least lie down and rest. If you are overweight, you may choose not to lie down and rest during the day, because you want to be moving and burning calories. You may also not want to oversleep for the same reason, but you still need adequate sleep for you muscle tissue to recuperate and grow.