Overweight bodybuilders are often encouraged to do higher reps to burn fat and achieve more muscle definition. There may be some validity to this advice, but in general, I don’ t think it is necessary to do high reps just because you are trying to lose weight. If you eventually decide to do some high reps because you think it will stimulate muscle growth in your situation, that’ s fine. But to perform high reps with weights as a weight loss technique is a bad idea. You risk overtraining the muscle. To lose fat, doing a weight lifting exercise for a particular body part doesn’ t remove the fat from that body part. For instance, doing sit ups doesn’ t remove the flab on your belly. Burning calories does. Doing sit ups will strengthen you abdominal muscles, which is great, but you can have the strongest abs in the world and still have flab on top of the muscles!
For losing weight you need to burn calories. I am not going to go much further into it, because I am not a diet expert or a doctor. However, once again, I would be careful about adding reps and sets just to lose weight. A better alternative would be to add a calorie burning exercise in your life such as walking, running, or anything that gets you off of the couch and moving more on a regular basis. I recently heard a celebrity describe how he lost a tremendous amount of weight simply by doing such things as getting rid of the television remote, requiring him to get up and down from his chair several times an hour. I also strongly recommend lots of walking. It’ s not strenuous, it’ s enjoyable, and even leisurely walking burns calories, which is all you need to do. When it is time to burn extra calories, do something to burn extra calories. When it is time to
build muscle, follow the principles I am outlining to build muscle.