The triceps are a fun muscle to exercise. They are easy to isolate and pump up, and they make your arms look great. Just remember, as mentioned above, triceps get a lot of work during your chest routine, so be careful not to overtrain them.

Narrow grip pushups are a great tricep builder. I call them narrow grip even though you are not really gripping anything but the floor. What I really mean is, instead of placing your hands shoulder with or wider apart, move them in to a less than shoulder width. Depending on how strong your arms are, your hands may even almost touch. Do as many pushups as you can with this "narrow grip" and your arms will really get pumped.

Any movement during which you straighten your arm is a triceps exercise. If you hold your fist next to your ear with your elbow pointed straight up, then, keeping your elbow stationary, straighten your arm, you' ve done a great tricep motion. All you need to do is add some weight. Try filling empty plastic gallon milk jugs with water or sand, and looping a rope or old towel through the handle. You can also look around for a heavy object, say thirty or forty pounds that you can hold (safely) with both hands behind your head with elbows pointing up, and press to the overhead position. I have used a forty-five pound barbell plate, and instead of using it as intended on a barbell, I simply held it with both hands and did the triceps extensions just described. It' s a great muscle builder.

If you can' t find anything similar to a forty-five pound plate, again get some soft rope or old towels, and rig then through some gallon jugs or other objects and devise a heavy bundle. Hold the rope or towel through your hands like you would hold a baseball bat, only behind your head with the weight dangling behind you, and use that for your tricep presses.

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